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January 28, 2005

ANT's Not Television


The first publicly available beta version of ANT's Not Television (ANT)- an RSS video aggregator and viewer - was released last Friday, January 22, at the first-ever videoblogger's conference, Vloggercon.

Sheesh - and to think I thought "blog" was a terrible word.

Vlog is even worse.

Yesterday's press release noted that ANT was created by Jay Dedman, Joshua Kinberg, and Daniel Salber, people who are well known to techies, even if I've never heard of them down here in TechnoDoltville, where I hang out.

ANT Beta is is freeware and you can download it here.

As joeheads may recall, I have stated from the beginning that this blog is but a waystation en route to 24/7 bookofjoeTV.


I wonder if I should take a cue from the ANT guys and call mine BTV.

Nah - that's not a very good name.

I'll just stay with bookofjoeTV - bojTV?; no, that's a loser too - for the time being.

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