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January 31, 2005

BehindTheMedspeak: bookofjoe going mobile - after a fashion


The big news in medical circles last week, about how fit people constantly move around and fat people don't, focused on the study published in Science magazine by Dr. James Levine (above) and colleagues from the Mayo Clinic.

Here at bookofjoe, we go beyond the headlines and behind the scientific papers on which they're based to bring you what others not only ignore, they don't even notice.

Why the heck do you think I call this feature "BehindTheMedspeak," anyway? But I digress.

Buried in the depths of last Friday's New York Times story by Denise Grady about the study was this:

"Dr. Levine of the Mayo Clinic said the study findings had inspired him to redesign his office. His computer is now mounted over a treadmill, and he walks 0.7 miles an hour while he works."

"'I converted a completely sedentary job to a mobile one," he said."

"The walking is addictive and 'terribly good fun,' Dr. Levine said, adding that he has had 30 or 40 requests from colleagues at Mayo for treadmill desks like his."

Precisely my thought as I read the article and his comments above.

I emailed Dr. Levine yesterday.

Here is my email:

Dear Jim,

I saw a picture of you working/walking.

I'm gonna replicate your setup.

What treadmill do you use?

And do you realize your endorsement potential?

You need an agent!


Joe Stirt, M.D.
'world's only blogging anesthesiologist'
USA Today 'Hot Site'


He wrote me back this morning; here is what he said:

I guess so - where do I find an agent - the treadmill is from Sears, costs about $400.

Make SURE it operates slow (0.7 mph).




Perhaps the only downside of producing bookofjoe is the interminable amount of time I'm forced to spend sitting here at the computer.

Sure, I'm sitting on an air cushion, so there's an element of movement going on, but not all that much.

Which is why as I type these characters, my crack research team is busy organizing a treadmill purchase.

Because, much more than "Be Like Mike," I wanna "Be Like Jim."

As I told him in my email.

I also told him where to find an agent.

Because I'm about making my readers happy, rich, successful, and able to achieve their dreams.

Why else take up space on the planet?

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I like the river boat gym idea. A more basic idea that might work though would be hooking dynamo’s up to all the eliptical, treadmill, and byclces at the gym and harnessing that electrical power for use by the gym. I would totally get a membership if the River boat gym every opens a location on Ladybird lake and would definitely try to run over the crew teams. haha no hard feelings crew members

Posted by: mike | Feb 26, 2009 11:30:41 AM

Yeah most of these things are really expensive, that is why I was happy to find this website www.thenetrunner.com for a strap that holds your laptop to your treadmill. Much cheaper alternative and has been working great.

Posted by: Tuke | Nov 7, 2007 1:25:32 PM

There are some devices you can use sitting down....I saw this advertised (or something just like it) on Japanese TV a few months ago....however, it was something like 1200 $US
Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. (headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka with president Kazushige Nishida; hereinafter referred to as MEW), in collaboration with Professor Yuzo Sato of the Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness and Sports, Nagoya University, demonstrated the effect and the mechanism of Joba, a NAIS horseback-riding fitness equipment on diabetes.

A small write up at engadget too

Posted by: lastbronx | Jan 31, 2005 11:15:44 PM

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