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January 3, 2005

Corporate secrets unmasked


Ever wish you could get in touch with a company, but then decide not to bother because it's impossible to figure out whom to call or email?

Well, guess what?

You've already paid to have this information compiled for your personal use.

You just never knew it till now.

The General Services Administration of the United States government's Federal Citizen Information Center has gone and published a consumer resource handbook to put all this until-now elusive material right there at your fingertips, ready for you to use.

They've even gone a step further and placed the handbook online, right here.

More than 650 corporate headquarters are listed, with mailing addresses, email addresses, toll-free phone numbers, TDD (Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf) numbers and, in many cases, the actual name of the person to contact.

After reading this past Thursday's New York Times piece about the near impossibility of actually getting a human being to deal with when you try to interact with a company, this website comes as a welcome counterweight.

But wait -there's more.

In case you don't find exactly what you need, the site provides a number of references that might be useful for further searching.

In addition, there are lists of resources under the following headings:

• Automobile

• Attorneys General

• Banking

• Insurance

• Securities

• Utilities

• Weights and Measures

• Federal

• BBBs

• Consumer Organizations

• Associations

• Military

Something for just about everyone.

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