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January 25, 2005



You knew it would come to this.

How many times have you said to yourself or your friends, "All men are dogs?"

So why not cut to the chase with a dandy new site that lets you judge an owner by his or her pet?

There's all the usual boilerplate about yourself to fill out, but then the differentiating factor enters: "About My Pet's Date."

You describe what your pet's looking for, then elaborate on your pet's ideal date.



The happy bichon frisé owner above, by the way, is member ef380.

And the guy who says his lab Jake, below (first Jake,


then the guy,


whose member ID is Fotobliss) is the "center of his life" looks like the sort you could bring home to mom.

It can't be long before PetMyDate.com springs forth from the virtual quantum foam.

Wonder what that - PetMyDate.com, not the virtual quantum foam: the latter is all around us - might be like?

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