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January 31, 2005

Ambient Light Vee - A $1,300 solar car that seats two and goes 21 mph


Oh, yeah - I almost forgot: 0 emissions.

Canadians Jeff Dekzty and Will Scully (above) designed and built it.

That's Dekzty sitting in it, preparing to take it out for a spin.

Hey, so OK, it's not a McLaren, but the Model T wasn't all that great-looking either.

Unlike with Mercedes, you can build your own.

They're gonna post their plans online, for all to use, free; all they ask is that you let them know if you make any improvements.

Can open source do for car design what it did for software?

We shall see....

Very cool, I must say.

The latest (February) issue of Wired magazine features their car.

Toyota's Prius division better start looking over their shoulder....

Meanwhile, turns out there's a whole slew of homebrew solar vehicles emerging from garages all over the planet.

Hey, it worked for Hewlett and Packard, and Jobs and Wozniak didn't do too badly either....

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"Mike" what charging cable? S O L A R = fuel-less, this vehicle is 100% zero emission.

Those things that shine on the front and top are solar panels, not decoration.

Posted by: free to travel | May 24, 2008 8:32:37 PM

"Oh, yeah - I almost forgot: 0 emissions." - What?

Hardly! The electricity fairy doesn't run down the charging cable and sprinkle the batteries with baby foxes now does it. Somewhere there is power station churning out emmissions on it's behalf :)

Posted by: Mike | Jan 4, 2008 11:20:58 AM

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