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January 28, 2005

John Galliano - 'The master is back'


Galliano, the heart and soul of Dior, unveiled his haute couture collection in Paris this past Monday, ditching his Kabuki make-up and skull-cap hair for a sort of "Napoleon in rags" look.


Femme has returned.


Galliano, in fact, said that his starting point had been the line from Bob Dylan describing Andy Warhol as "Napoleon in rags."


As I recall, that line was in "Like a Rolling Stone," which last year was named the greatest rock song of all time.


Don't know 'bout that, but that's not why we're here, kids.


But it is amazing, the things you learn if you're into fashion.

Above and below are just a few of Galliano's creations shown Monday.


Now, take a deep breath and sigh, and regret that you somehow just once can't wear one of his Old Master velvet coats or dresses to see what it might feel like to be a princess.

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i love the clothes i am creatin in my gallery a show in honor of christian dior and john galliano

Posted by: michele haines | Jun 9, 2005 7:38:38 AM

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