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January 27, 2005

RentMyForehead.com - at $37,375 a month, it's cheap at twice the price


A huge bookofjoe salute to 20-year-old Andrew Fischer of Omaha, Nebraska, who put his forehead up for an eBay auction.

Bidding ended last week Friday, with Melody de Rivel and her family-run business, SnoreStop, offered $37,375, beating out hundreds of other bidders for the right to place an ad on Fischer's forehead for one month.

Let's see, if he can parlay his fame from this first for[ehead]ay into a 12-month gig, that'll be a cool $448,500 for his first year, even if he doesn't raise his rate (unlikely, wouldn't you say?).

Not bad for a kid who can't even buy a drink.

There are limitless opportunities in this world if only one can look with fresh eyes.


But then, Marcel Proust already said that, didn't he....

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