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January 31, 2005

Sentri - Create your own police state for only $300


Sentri stands for SmartSensor Enabled Neural Threat Recognition and Identification.

It was created by Safety Dynamics, an Illinois company that's currently installing a network of its devices (above) in Chicago.

They're high-tech ears.

Using microphones and a "time-phased acoustic pattern modeled on the human brain" to listen for specific sounds, the device dials 911 once such sounds are detected.

The company expects to offer cellphone-sized consumer modules next year for $300, each containing an interchangeable SIM card programmed to detect one specific sound, such as broken glass.

The devices could be attached to a digital camera such that, for example, you'd have a nice high-rez shot, suitable for framing, of the guy who smashed your window and took your car audio system.


For what that's worth.

[via Erika Stalder and Wired magazine]

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