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January 11, 2005

Series 13 - Burton's bespoke snowboards


Tired of showing up at a party only to see another girl wearing your dress?

Never again, at least on the slopes, if you order a custom-built, made-to-order Series 13 Burton snowboard.

You choose from four different models (starting at $799), then pick your desired length, stance, finish, base design, and sidewall colors.

Then you select one of 12 graphic themes, and proceed to personalize your board's color scheme, logos, and text.

You can play around with your design online to your heart's content until you get it just right - there are over a million possible design combinations, surely they'll have one that appeals to you - then order it and prepare to shred.

"Each Series 13 snowboard comes with a personally-signed certificate of authenticity from Jake Burton."

I guess you could frame it, unless you thought it important to keep it on your person at all times while boarding, in case someone questions your bona fides.

I remember that when I was in high school Latin, there was a joke in the textbook - yeah, back then Latin was really a riot - that went, "Bona fides" does not mean "good dog."

I thought it was funny then, and I still do.

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