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February 12, 2005

Big excitement in the Dairy State: Wisconsin quarter sprouts extra leaves


Why, there hasn't been this much interest in anything Wisconsin–related since the huge battle years ago about taking the three games a season the Packers played down in Milwaukee back up to Green Bay.

Turns out that an unknown number of Wisconsin statehood quarters that went into circulation late last year as part of the 10–year, 50–state quarter program contain flaws.

The quarters, which appear to have an extra leaf on the left side of an ear of corn — hey, gimme a break, it's Wisconsin, OK? — are being sold on eBay and in coin shops for hundreds of dollars apiece.

In some of the quarters, the extra leaf is tilted up; in others, it's tilted down.

Adding fuel to the bonfire out back in the cornfield is speculation that the variations were created intentionally.

The U.S. Mint is investigating.

Collectors estimate approximately 1,000 of the flawed quarters have turned up, out of a total of 453.2 million minted.

So you can see how they'd be considered valuable.

Up top is the photo that accompanied Barbara Hagenbaugh's informative article from the February 8 USA Today.

The quarter at the top of the three is correct. The other two feature the extra leaves: the one in the middle has the leaf tilted down; the one at bottom has the leaf with the upward tilt.

It's very subtle.

Check your pockets: you might be in luck.

Oh, yeah, the Packers — they moved the games back up to Green Bay.

As it should be.

There's no frozen tundra like the Lambeau Field frozen tundra.

Although, strictly speaking, "frozen tundra" is redundant, since tundra is, by definition, frozen.

But we'll let it pass.

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