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February 27, 2005

Ear Wax Candy


It's what's for dinner!

"We've seen lots of disgusting things here at Stupid.com, so it's not often that a product makes us gag."

But they did at this one.


For only $1.75 you get this awesome product in its totally cool ear-shaped package.

It's a plastic ear filled with candy ear wax which, though it looks like the real thing, is actually a tasty fruit-flavored gel.

Along with your candy you get a custom "Q-Tip" kind of thing to eat it with.


Says the website, "It's almost too gross for words."

But the operational word was "almost."


Guaranteed to shut up the garrulous person seated next to you on the plane: simply offer him or her some before you dig in.

[via whereisben.com]

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I have a 30 something yrs. co-worker who sits around eating his own ear wax, talk about a freak! Please someone FIRE him!!!

Posted by: Grossed Out | Mar 30, 2007 1:54:14 PM

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