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February 4, 2005



From xs couture comes this stylish drink holder.

"The fur provides a luxurious sensual experience, indicating one's distinguished refinement while enjoying their to–go latte."

Material: fur, leather stripping and suede lining.

But wait: at the bottom of the website it says,

NOTE: The Furcozie is constructed with faux fur. xs couture does not endorse, or utilize, real fur in any product.


Me too.

But this time I'm smart enough to give you the email address for Shannyn Rivera and Will Ayers, the creative forces behind xs couture: info@xscouture.com

Ask me once, I go find it.

Ask me twice - I tell you where to find it.

Ask me a third time... are you sure you want to know?

Meret Oppenheim,


call your studio: your sequel is ready.

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