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February 3, 2005

Jeff Bezos makes bookofjoe an offer he can't refuse


Happened last night.

I was just doing what I do, going hither and yon online gathering materials to make you happy when I saw, clicking on Amazon, something new come up (above).

It was a letter from Jeff Bezos announcing the debut of "Amazon Prime."

Whoa, I thought, he's into meat now.

Bad time, what with all those Canadian cows dragging their misshapen prions across our Northern border.

And with a goat now coming down with Mad Cow.

Or maybe Jeff had decided to base his business on pure mathematical theory.

But no.

It's his latest brainstorm, and it took me about six zeptoseconds to accept his offer to sign up for Amazon Prime.

What it costs? $79 for a 1-year subscription.

What you get: "Unlimited two-day shipping for free on over a million in-stock items. Members also get overnight shipping for only $3.99 per item, and you can order as late as 6:30 p.m. ET."

But wait - there's more.

No minimum purchase, no consolidating orders before they ship.

"Considering that we normally charge $9.48 for two-day shipping on a single book and $16.48 for overnight [and don't I know it as well as anyone on the planet], many of our customers will find the program very rewarding."

It includes books, DVDs, music, electronics, kitchen, tools, health, personal care, everything Amazon sells.

They didn't waste any time, either: when I went to buy a new DVD ("Bunny Lake Is Missing," if you must know), there up top were




new buttons.

You GO Jeff!

"We expect Amazon Prime to be expensive for Amazon in the short term."

I'll say: considering I order from them 4-5 times a week on average, they're gonna lose a bundle just on me.

But you know Jeff Bezos: when analysts asked him how he intended to succeed with Amazon back at the beginning when they were losing money on every sale, his response was, "We're gonna increase our volume."


"Get big fast."

I like it.

It's my business philosophy too.

I lose money here on every visitor, reader and joehead.

You know my response?


Get more visitors, readers and joeheads.

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