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February 5, 2005

Kinky for Governor


Don't bet against him, would be my advice.

Musician-novelist Kinky Friedman (above, on his Texas animal rescue ranch), who provided the quote that galvanized bookofjoe and led to my current "lifestyle which does not require my presence," has followed through on his threat – or was it a promise? – to run for governor of Texas.

Yesterday's New York Times story by Ralph Blumenthal laid out the Kinkster's battle plan.

Appearing live from the Alamo in San Antonio on the Don Imus television and radio show broadcast nationally on MSNBC, he said, "The choice should be something besides paper or plastic."

He can't lose.


He said he had high hopes of beating Republican incumbent Rick Perry, who "appears to have more interest in ironing his shirts than ironing out the problems of Texas."

Kinky said he was inspired by Jesse Ventura, the surprise winner of the 1998 election for Minnesota governor.

"Of course," he said, "Jesse didn't realize that wrestling is real and politics is fixed."

He said he wasn't at all worried about the requirement that he obtain 45,000 signatures, none from anyone voting in a Republican or Democratic primary.

"There's so much apathy; that leaves me a lot of people."

In the circus and carnival side-show that, to a large extent, characterizes American politics, Kinky has a terrific shot at winning the Texas governorship.

I mean, which would you rather attend: Rick Perry droning on about this and that, or Kinky and his band rocking out?

If Ronald Reagan can become governor of California and then President of the United States; if Jesse Ventura can become governor of Minnnesota; if Arnold can become governor of California; if a dead man can win election to the U.S. Senate, well, then I'd say the inauguration of Governor Richard (Kinky) Friedman in early 2007 is a done deal.

The only question is if he'll wait until 2012 to run for President, or throw caution to the winds and toss his (cowboy) hat in the ring for 2008.

"Kinky for President."


I like it.

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Right on man! The man isn't even listed on the ballot yet - and is often excluded from the polls - yet he still polls in at 9%-16%. Go Kinky!

Posted by: Adam Martin | Feb 19, 2006 4:59:58 PM

Too bad I can't vote in Texas. Guess I'll have to wait until he runs for President. Go Kinky!

Posted by: Mattp9 | Feb 5, 2005 6:22:39 PM

Yeah, and you were right about Kerry winning as well...

Please don't post about politicians I'd like to see in office as I now realize he doesn't have a chance.

Posted by: clif | Feb 5, 2005 2:13:38 PM

Makes one want to move back to Texas.......

Posted by: acudoctn | Feb 5, 2005 2:03:14 PM

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