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February 15, 2005

Liquidinformation.org — I have seen the future of the internet, and it is sweet


I'm just back from exploring one of the most extraordinary websites I've ever visited: Liquidinformation.org.

This site was created by Frode Hegland, a researcher at University College London Interaction Center, working with Mikhail Seliverstov, a programmer in Russia.

Their goal: turn every single word of every online text into a hyperword, a word you can click and then Google, look up in a dictionary, or do any number of other things with.

But don't waste your time here: visit the site and try the demo.

I tried the CNN one and then my own site, and I was absolutely blown away.

Awesome, jawdropping, you pick the word, there's no hyperbole possible here.


I learned of the site via Sarah Boxer's excellent New York Times article, which appeared on February 10.

FunFact: Hegland notes on the site that his mentor is Douglas Engelbart.

Who's Douglas Engelbart?

Only one of the legends of computing; among other things, he invented the computer mouse.

So big, I can't get over it, that's the power I saw unleashed in this demonstration.

Bring it.

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Thanks for the support, it is very much appreciated!

As for Firefox, we are looking at doing a proxy version of the whole system, but now that Firefox has been highlighted (I do like the browser!) we'll see what specific functionality can be added via Firefox's excellent expandability.


Posted by: Frode Hegland | Feb 17, 2005 6:29:19 AM

I only spent a minute doing the CNN demo, but my first impression was... "I can already do most of this stuff with extensions in my Firefox browser", if not the standard features.
Firefox plus ConQuery, Mouse Gestures, Tabbrowser Preferences, Linky, and a few others will improve your web experience immensely.

Posted by: Homer B. | Feb 16, 2005 8:50:18 AM

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