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February 3, 2005

m:robe 500i - worst product name of the 21st century


Unequivocally, the winner and grand champion.


What was Olympus thinking?

They've created what they call "the first digital music player with a built-in digital camera."

Looks really slick, too:

• 3.7" color VGA LCD display

• One-of-a-kind "no button" touch screen interface

• Plays 5,000 songs or stores up to 60,000 photos

• Put music and photos together and make your own mini-movies

• Connect it to your TV and enjoy the movies in big-screen style

• $500 ($100 less than an iPod Photo, which doesn't have a camera)

• Big, super-expensive ad during the upcoming Super Bowl

So what's not to like?

That name is what.


To think they could've simply run it by me and saved themselves the many millions of dollars this expensively misnamed device is gonna lose before Olympus finally kills it.

Aren't you glad you won't make the same mistake?

Because unlike Olympus, which would've had to pay my exorbitant fee if they'd asked for advice, you, as a joehead, get it absolutely free.

Yeah, yeah, you get what you pay for, blah blah....


Here at bookofjoe, we like to think we're the exception that proves the rule.

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Spot on with this - fantastic piece of kit, crap name. Even worse, the reason behind the name (according to the Olympus web site) is that it "robes" you in music. Fire the marketing department.

Posted by: Kirky | Sep 17, 2005 12:01:08 PM

what the hell are you freaks thiking... why insult this new item when it can bring us all goods .. go shut ur mouths man have you nothing better to do than write bad commments on something new?? I can't believe people can be soooooooo stupid... just tell me something... does it have a case or something..does it slip out of your hands? is ipod photo better? BYE

Posted by: steph | Feb 18, 2005 7:26:53 PM

OK. Just what do I call this thing? M-COLON-ROBE?
M-STACK TWO DOTS-ROBE? mi-co-lon-ro-beeee? Geez,
I feel illiterate!

Posted by: ScienceChic | Feb 3, 2005 6:06:50 PM

I have a AipTek DV4500 that I bought last year, Joe. It does (pretty much) everything this m:robe thing does and more (does the Olympus device allow you to record audio via a microphone?). The little AipTek thingy (sue me: I am a gadget freak) cost me $100 (+ 512MB SD card). I agree with your Olympus take. Not a first, not unique, and definitely a bad name. Here's a link for the DV4500. Cheers, Ron

Link: http://www.compuplus.com/insidepage.php3?id=1002084

Posted by: DietDoc | Feb 3, 2005 5:25:27 PM

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