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February 5, 2005

Power Plate - 'Advanced Vibration Technology'


"Achieve a toned and fitter body in just three 10-minute sessions a week!"

The Power Plate (about $7,000) violently vibrates your body at certain key frequencies uncovered by Russian researchers.

This fools (good word, that) muscles into producing a stretch reflex and contracting like crazy, 30-50 times a second, which radically speeds up the whole exercise process and allows it to be compressed into a 10-minute session.

So says the company's PR, anyhow.


In other words, it's like going to the gym and having the machines do 90% of the work for you, while you get 100% of the normal exercise benefit.

Talk about "rise of the machines...." But I digress.

Hey, don't listen to me: visit the company's website, then see why I'm seriously considering bagging that treadmill idea I had earlier in the week in favor of this tricked-out shake 'n bake.

The list of organizations using it is pretty impressive, I gotta say.

There's even a page with links to all manner of videos showing the machine in action.


After watching a couple, I actually felt like I was in much better shape.

In fact, I think I'm gonna skip today's run and take the day off.

Same as it ever was.

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I have a power plate at home and although it came with an instruction manual inc some exercises i am struggling to know what exercises to perform in order to lose weight as apposed to building muscle bulk....can any help?

Posted by: lucy | Jan 10, 2008 11:51:39 AM

This machine gave me a hernia. Do NOT do the abdominal exercises it recommends sitting on the machine. It torn my muscle and now I have to have surgery.

Posted by: JEFF | Jul 19, 2007 9:41:07 AM

How about some referances from respectable refereed journals. Regretably anecdotal stuff is totally unreliable

Posted by: Elliot Rubinstein | May 19, 2007 8:08:11 AM

Hi there,

I have had my PP Personal for a couple of months and it has made a huge difference to my muscle tone and muscle mass. I am a 53 year old man, already REASONABLY fit, playing tennis once a week and using a rowing machine. I also have weekly sports massage. One question: I have had relatively minor but unsightly varicose veins in both my calves for some years. Recently my masseuse remarked that the veins were looking MORE pronounced. We both find it hard to imagine the the Power Plate is actually making them worse, but is it possible that the significantly larger calf muscles I know posses could be pushing the veins further outwards and just making them more noticeable rather than actually them being larger. Clutching at straws here I know! Any thoughts on this?



Posted by: Martin | Feb 4, 2007 4:51:19 AM

Hello everyone, You can go to www.costco.com and buy a personal power plate for $2995.00. Hope this is helpful!!

Posted by: LaShawn | Jan 17, 2007 2:24:04 PM

could you please send me inf on the price of the powerplate and how i would go about mporting one into sa

Posted by: MARITZA | Oct 22, 2006 4:06:13 PM

I am in South Africa, how can I get hold of a Power-Plate machine for $4840?

Posted by: Catherine | Aug 15, 2006 9:58:52 AM

I'm surprised that a personal trainer wouldn't know that varicose veins don't disappear. A body may look better, you can't undo damage to what are essentially blown vessels.

Posted by: Gideon | Jul 19, 2006 5:51:22 PM

I had a spinal injury 8 years ago and month later doctors told me never to walk again. To cut the long story short I am now walking with crutches and gave up using wheelchair 5 years ago.
My recovery has been slow and steady and 3 months ago I discovered this vibrational training using Jet-Vibe machines.
My strength, balance and coordination have improved faster and also my bladder accidents have reduced.
So it works well for me and also I found a place, close to my home here in New Zealand,who charges me reasonable rate so I have no excuse not to do the excercses.

Posted by: Able Guy | Jun 23, 2006 9:28:36 PM

I am a personal trainer and as skeptical as they come. When I first heard of Power Plate my initial reaction was "yeah sure!". However, my wife has been using Power Plate for two months, and her varicose veins have all but disapeared, her celulite is shrinking and she is showing definite muscular definition. I'm sold and getting some for my business.

Posted by: Jim | Jun 1, 2006 6:41:11 PM

Actually, I think Lloyd might be onto something. I recently tried an American-made, all-steel version that was built like a tank. They called it a Hypergravity Platform. The manufacturer claimed it was more powerful than the PowerPlate, and although I have never tried the PowerPlate I must say that this one sure seems like the real deal. It might not look as futuristic but the Hypergravity definitely has mass! They have a website: www.wholebodyvibes.com.

Posted by: Jamie | May 26, 2006 10:14:23 PM

I could swear that my parents had a machine similar to this when i was a kid. I'm 34 years old and when i was about 7-8 years old my parents had a machine that you steped on the platform, wrapped this 4-5 inch band from the machine around your butt and hooked back to the machine. You leaned back a little and it shook the crude out of you. My sisters and I used to play on it. Is it the same thing? If it is, it did n ot work then so how can it work now. I'm skeptical.

Posted by: Stephanie Pemberton | May 17, 2006 9:20:24 AM

Lloyds right the powerplate is a rip off of a machine that has had years of research behind it. Plastic just doesnt cut the mustard, it is an absorbant, a bit like wet wipes that you would find in your kitchen. Go for a steel constructed machine and you can feel the difference.

Posted by: Justin | Apr 11, 2006 7:08:30 AM

Just had my first power plate class yesterday. It was amazing and I did feel like I had worked out for an hour. Not too sore today since I did the lowest workout...30 second intervals at 30hz. for ten minutes total time on machine. You get on the machine, position your self in the recommended pose, vibrate for 30 seconds, stop, get off, (drink water) and then change your position. It still vibrated your body like crazy at that low speed and my leg muscles were feeling the heat. The price you have listed is for the smaller personal power plate since the next generation model runs from $9800 (U.S.) to $14,000 (UK). I am impressed and signed up for 10 classes. If you do find the model in the pictures above for that low price, please let us know. One of the ladies in my class told me she had already lost four inches from her waist.

Cheers from the UK.

Posted by: Sandi | Apr 5, 2006 11:55:56 AM

If any of you buy that piece of Chinese made plastic , then good luck to you. All specs , uni reports and awards advertised by Power-Plate NG belong to a stainless steel and aluminium prototype built in 1999.

Plastic ( reinforced or not ) will never perform the same as steel. Thats just a law a physics , mass/acclrtn .
So unless Power-Plates has somehow changed those laws , you have all just been taken for a ride.

If you ever came across a real vibration training platform , you would probably shit yourself.

Posted by: Lloyd shaw | Mar 2, 2006 7:06:33 AM

Can you tell me where you found a Power Plate "Next Generation" for $4840.

The only price I find is $9850.


Posted by: CTC | Feb 28, 2006 8:18:30 PM


I,m doing a study on flexibility and the power plate. Can you please sent me some published or academic articles on flexibility training on the power plate.

I love it, and want to spread the word in SA sporting circles.

Posted by: PW Joubert | Feb 26, 2006 11:23:03 AM

Cucumbers are gonna hafta get lots more expensive before they'll move too many of these things...OK, gramma is tightening her tush, what's the guy tightening?

Posted by: ScienceChic | Feb 6, 2005 5:53:05 PM

I, for one, welcome our machine overlords. Where's Sarah Connor?

Posted by: Mattp9 | Feb 5, 2005 6:26:46 PM

Forget the device, can I just order the barechested male model?

And what about that outer-space looking device that lets you do "complete exercise in 6 minutes? I've seen it advertised, it looks like a very complicated bicycle, hmmn.

My search fu is still good:


With one of the greatest scam come-ons ever:

Experts in all fields of knowledge are guardians of the status-quo. Anything that differs with their beliefs is immediately dismissed by them as untrue. Their reasoning goes as follows:"I do not even have to waste my time looking into anything that differs with my knowledge and beliefs, because I know absolutely everything there is to be known about my field of knowledge, therefor anything that conflicts with my beliefs must be false." That sort of reasoning of course is dumb circle reasoning and it automatically precludes any new insights because NEW means different, if it would not be different it would not be new. The few “experts” who have dared to think outside the box and have tried the ROM just once for 4 minutes have become instant converts and believers in a 4 minute workout for cardio, muscles and flexibility. To learn how in only 4 minutes all this can be accomplished with our ROM machine, please click on “Q&A” (questions and answers).

It's about $15,000.

Posted by: Liz Ditz | Feb 5, 2005 3:09:02 PM

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