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February 14, 2005

World's Coolest Alarm Clock


Read what Chris Kaye

of mens.style.com

had to say about it:

    It's a Stretch

    The alarm clock of the future

    Here’s an alarm clock guaranteed to get you out of bed no matter how much you hate going to work.

    Developed by Hayat Benchenaa, a student at Italy’s Interaction Design Institute, the Sfera—a play on the Italian word for sphere—draws its inspiration from mobiles for babies.

    When the alarm-radio goes off, gently whack the orblike clock hanging above your crib for another five minutes of shut-eye.

    While you're snoozing, the Sfera sneakily raises itself 20 centimeters higher.

    After the fourth turn, the ball is too high to grasp, making it impossible to turn off without getting your lazy ass up.

    Sounds almost too good to be too true—and in a way it is.

    Sadly, Benchenaa’s prototype has yet to go into production, despite a growing groundswell of support in the blogosphere.

    For now, anyway, the Sfera remains, well, tantalizingly out of reach.

I want one.

[via whereisben.com]

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My son and I want one also! He sets his cell phone for the most anoying ring and sets it across the room. I have about 3 alarms going during the week - weekends are a delight to sleep til my body sez get up. I hope this gets manufactured.

Posted by: Mattp9 | Feb 14, 2005 9:59:51 PM

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