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February 3, 2005

You GO T.O. - give Terrell Owens a gamer ball


Give Terrell Owens his due: he's a gamer and he's gonna play on his broken leg even though his doctor refused to clear him.

Now, I recall a couple weeks ago, during one of the wild-card playoff games, the analyst - I don't recall if it was Simms, Aikman, or Collinsworth, but I think it was Aikman - coming down really hard on New York Jets defensive end John Abraham, who'd been hurt, was pretty much recovered and could've played, but chose not to because he'd be a free agent after the season and didn't want to do anything to endanger the huge contract he'd be offered.

I thought that was pretty harsh.

But I also thought the analyst had a point: the player hurt his team, to which he was under contract, by not playing and instead putting himself first.

As it turned out, the Jets lost a thriller in overtime to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 20-17.

Would Abraham's presence have made a difference?

Well, let's put it this way: I don't think it would've hurt.

So when perhaps the best wide receiver in the world decides he's gonna play regardless of what his doctor says about how ready he is, I have to say, give this man a huge shout-out.


Because, between you and me, if it were Randy Moss, what do you think would happen?

Just the opposite, I assure you.

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I know nothing whatsoever about American Football but I can tell that this is Joe the football fan talking and not Joe the doctor. Owens was injured. I also don't have a clue whether his decision to disregard the medical advice given to him ended well or not but really, what good would it have done his team at all if he became injured to the degree that he couldn't play at all?

Posted by: Miles the Non Football fan | Feb 3, 2009 7:06:49 PM

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