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March 20, 2005

Pedicure Pals


As a general rule I don't do cute but these are just too good to pass by.

For $6.95 you get not one, not two, but three packages of two strips each of froggies, duckies and flowers to keep your tootsies separated after your meticulous pedicure.

What could be better than a great pedicure?

Looking down at your feet with these funny buddies between your toes, that's what.

Use them over and over: just rinse in water to clean.

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Set Game — 'Almost Perfect'

Writes one player:


    I've been playing the card version of this game for a couple of weeks now, and man oh man.

    The online version is almost perfect, except it's more fun to play with humans.


    The way we play, after one player calls a set and points out one of the cards, the others have a chance to guess the set.

    If someone correctly identifies the set, that person gets one card, and the original spotter gets two.


    The analogue version costs $12.

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Nice Mountain — by Gerald Stern

Great little berries in the dogwood,
great little buds, like purple lights
scattered through the branches, perfect wood
for burning three great candelabra
with dozens of candles, great open space
for sun and wind, great view, the mountain
making a shadow, the river racing
behind the weeds, great willow, great shoots,
great burning heart of the fields, nice leaves
from last year's crop, nice veins and threads,
nice twigs, mostly red, some green and silky,
nice sky, nice clouds, nice bluish void.

I light my candles, I travel quickly
from twig to twig, I touch the buttons
before I light them—it is my birthday,
two hundred years—I count the buds,
they come in clusters of four and seven,
some are above me, I gather a bunch
and hold it against my neck; that is
the burning bush to my left, I pick
some flaming berries, I hang them over
my tree, nice God, nice God, the silence
is broken by the flames, the voice
is a kind of tenor—there is a note
of hysteria—I came there first,
I lit the tree myself, I made
a roaring sound, for two or three minutes
I had a hidden voice—I try
to blow the candles out, nice breath,
nice wagon wheel, great maple, great chimes,
great woodpile, great ladder, great mound of trees,
nice crimson berries, nice desert, nice mountain.


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Kitty Commando


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Perhaps this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but with... trash worship.

A site which on the surface seems funny, silly even, but then, the longer you linger, the less funny it seems, and you start to get a sense of something ominous out there, advancing slowly but inexorably.


"Anyone who has shown a reverence for trash is a Yanbuki."


Trash Worship as a society with a distinct identity began in September, 2000.

"The future looks bright as people are becoming aware of the higher quality of life potential provided by Trash Kultura."


The group has begun construction of GarbagiaLand, a "waste prevention theme park," in Mott Haven, Bronx, New York.


There is special reverence for those known as Plastikons.

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Interactive Schrodinger's Cat


Well, what's it gonna be, punk?

Are you feeling lucky?

Does the cat exist, or not?

Go ahead - make your day.

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BehindTheMedspeak: Snore Stopper


"Stop snoring once and for all."

How many times do we have to read this before we start to doubt the likelihood of that happening anytime soon?

Maybe we've already passed that point.

If so, please, don't bother squandering any more of your life-force here: there are other, more rewarding ways to spend your time.

Trust me....

But should you have not much else to do, then read on and learn more about the Snore Stopper (above).

The device goes on your wrist just like a watch, except it won't tell you the time.

Instead, as you sleep and fall into your snore stage, the Snore Stopper's "sensitive micro-sound detector... will detect your snoring and send a mild, harmless electrical signal without waking you or disturbing your sleep."

"Eventually, your body will learn to avoid the electrical signals by not snoring during sleep."

Note to file: find them a new copywriter. I mean, have you ever heard someone snore while awake? But I digress.

The Snore Stopper looks pretty darn formidable, so much so that if it didn't have that dopey "HealthCARE" logo on it you could wear it out and tell people it reads minds or something.

$59.95 here.

If you're buying one, I have to assume the NoZoVent, featured on March 1, didn't do the trick.

Nor did nasal septum trigeminal nerve pressure, achieved on the cheap with a $3 Speedo swimming noseclip, and extensively analyzed on March 10.

Hey — win some, lose some.

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Simply stunning.

"These gears sparkle as if they were channel-set diamonds."

3/4" hoop earring; sterling silver.

$63 here.

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