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March 1, 2005

BehindTheMedspeak: NoZoVent


Snoring is a pain.

It indicates obstruction somewhere in the respiratory pathway.

Often the snorer will become completely obstructed, and just stop exchanging air.

This lowers brain oxygen and raises blood pressure.

Over time, these changes can lead to major problems.

There are a zillion remedies for snoring which, as with everything in medicine when there are all sorts of cures, means none of them is really much good.

But it's always best to try stuff yourself before putting your precious existence in the hands of one of my well-intentioned colleagues.

Because the pathway not only to hell but also to the hospital morgue is paved with good medical intentions and ideas that, well, "just didn't work out like we'd hoped."

So hey, maybe you should drop $14.98 for a NoZoVent (item # 23193).

The name alone is worth at least a buck, don't you think?

I notice that in the ad for for the product (above) the blissfully-sleeping model isn't wearing hers.

Maybe she's been cured and she keeps it in her nightstand "just in case."

Ya think?

You don't suspect the reason they don't show her wearing one is because it looks so gross nobody would dream of buying one, do you?

Me neither.

Seems to me you could create a synergistic effect by using a NoZoVent inside your nose and a


BreatheRite strip on the outside.

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