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March 1, 2005

Illustrated Flexibility Mat


Remember when you were little, you had those plastic mats for under your food so you didn't dribble and drool all over the table?

And remember how, if your parents were the type who had already earmarked you for Miss Porter's School or Hotchkiss, the mats always had the illustrated alphabet or a map of the U.S. or some other educational-type graphics, so you'd have the edge when you sat down to take the SAT?

Well, guess what?

They're back.

No, not your parents, booboo; illustrated mats.

This one's a non-slip version measuring 60" x 23" featuring illustrations of 12 stretches "that can be done in just 3 minutes flat."

Because we know you're a high–pressure girl, in a high–pressure world.

$19.99 here.

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