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March 3, 2005

I'm a B-list blogger


Dave Pollard, on January 4, wrote a very interesting post in his blog about the blogosphere.

He took a lot of the recent survey results and reports and information from a variety of online sources and blogs to come up with some very interesting statistics that he then rendered graphically (above and below).


Here are a few fun facts from his post:

• There are 100 "A-list" bloggers — they get an average of 150,000 hits/day

• There are 2,000 "B-list" bloggers — 2,500 hits/day average

• "C-list" bloggers number 18,000, with 500 hits/day average

• Up-and-coming bloggers number 80,000, averaging 100 hits/day

• The other 5 million bloggers average 3 hits/day

I find it interesting that to move up to "Up-and-coming" status you have to have over a 30-fold increase in traffic.

The next two steps require multiples of 5 each.

The final push to major-league status requires a 60-fold increase in traffic.

Pollard went on to calculate that the average B-list blogger, with an average 90-seconds-per-visit, gets 62 hours/day total of reader attention.

He compared that to a total of 170 reader-hours/day for the average newspaper article.

Thus, the average B-list blogger gets about one-third the total reader attention/day as the average newspaper story.

But look at it another way, as Pollard did: no matter how many hours a day you're putting in on your blog, it can't exceed 24; if you make it onto the B-list, then you're getting several times more hours worth of attention being paid than you invested.

With the rapid increase in blog readership that's occurring (top), Pollard estimated that in less than three years (conservatively) the average B-list blogger will get significantly more reader attention than the average US unsyndicated newspaper article or column.

As for the A-list, he projected daily reader attention about equal to that of the average US daily paper.

Pretty impressive for a bunch of girls and guys sitting around in their pajamas, he wrote.

Sitting here in my PJs, it's hard not to agree, what?

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I'm averaging around 25 people per day. But that's up from 3 last October. Up-and-comming here I come

Posted by: The 7th Angel | Mar 3, 2005 7:43:50 PM

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