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March 2, 2005

Jaffa Sweetie


No, this isn't a nickname for the girls who hang out at the beach on the Mediterranean coast but, rather, a new fruit out of Israel.

It's the result of hybridizing a Pomelo and a white grapefruit.

The resulting fruit — with a vibrantly green skin when fully ripe, shaped like a grapefruit and just as juicy — has the sweetness of a Pomelo.

Why, pray tell, when my local market has every weird fruit under the sun, haven't I seen this one?

Jaffa has been exporting the fruit for 10 years, mostly to Japan, with increasing amounts to European markets and North America.

The Sweetie's varietal name is Oro Blanco (Latin for white gold) but Jaffa, the company that created it, named it "Sweetie" because of its exquisite, sweet taste.

The sweetness results from the fruit's low acid content, thus making the sugar more prominent.

The Sweetie has no more sugar than a grapefruit: it just tastes like it does.

Studies of the antioxidant properties of Jaffa Sweeties have demonstrated higher activity than in its parent grapefruit.

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I first found Sweeties in Israel, and have looked for them in the US for years. I have been told by Israelis that CHINA is the one buying most of them. The only time I find them in NY is every 7th year, when the Bible says the religious Jews must let their fields lie fallow and not harvest them. Then some of the Sweeties make it to America. I ADORE them, and wish I could eat them EVERY DAY -- is there a source somewhere in the US at all?

Posted by: B Gayer | Feb 22, 2008 5:06:30 PM

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