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March 18, 2005

Official bookofjoe clothing


At last.

The fans have spoken.

For months now there's been an unremitting drumbeat of demand for officially licensed bookofjoe wear, not the stuff being sold on sidewalks from Shanghai to South Beach.

At last, it's here.

And my crack design team (this is the first you've heard of them: for obvious reasons, I've had to keep them under wraps, "deep black" as you say over at Fort Meade — yeah, I know you're listening but heck, I'm down wit dat) has brought it in for a very nice price.

Yes, for only $19.98 you can now wear the very same outfit I and my crack research team wear whenever we're on the job — which is essentially always.

But it doesn't stop there: heck, we keep our togs on for play and sleep and whatever.

We even shower in 'em — no towel necessary.

One size fits all — which, I've always thought, is another way of saying, "One size fits nobody."

But who cares when you're wearing joegear™?

Look for the signature italic B — it identifies your outfit as genuine joegear™.

Let people know you're a joehead.

As if.

Oh, yeah — you'll need a secret code number to order.

We'll call it an item number to fool those not savvy to operating under "Eyes Only" rules.

It's (nobody peeking over your shoulder?) 13978.

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