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March 17, 2005

Potato Stripper Mitts — not a likely candidate for Kevin Kelly's 'Cool Tools'


But hey, everyone - and everything - can't be cool.

So be it.

These curious devices are a nominee for this year's bookofjoe Most Unlikely To Actually Exist Award.

That's the great thing about being judge and jury, and running your own show: you can make up an award whenever you feel like it.

Like I just did. But I digress.

These mitts ($9.99 a pair) let you "peel a potato fast, without wasting valuable nutrients."

Even better: no peeler needed.

Just wait till you tell your dinner guests you're going to peel the potatos with your hands.

Won't they be impressed?

The kind of people who dine at my house would be. But I digress yet again.

So cool: one mitt has plastic peeling "teeth" in its palm "to strip skin fast," while the other has "a built-in 'brush' for scrubbing dirt."

The cleverly-designed mitts have thumb holes on both sides, so you can "work right- or left-handed."


Seems to me everyone who uses these is ambidextrous, what?

But there I go again.

Oh, but I can't wait to pull these out....

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