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March 1, 2005

Ray Kurzweil falls to Earth


The protean inventor/thinker/philosopher is touching down at the 92nd Steet Y in New York City on March 23 at 8 p.m.

He's a speaker in Wired magazine's sponsored lecture series.


The title of his session is "Ray Kurzweil on Technology in the 21st Century."

His latest book is "Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever."


Kurzweil believes that today's technology is sufficiently mature that, combined with advances in years to come, a person under 60 can reasonably expect to be immortal.


Kurzweil has no doubt that this is the case for himself.

Perhaps you should take an hour or two away from your furious drive for success to see what this singular man, poised at what he believes to be the brink of "The Singularity," has to say.


Tickets are $25, and I guarantee this event will be sold out/SRO.

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RayK is completely out of his mind. I'd say he's off by 100 years or more...if not just completely batty. I have read all of his stuff and I just don't get how he thinks our tech is even close to enabling immortality or, in the stranger case, "uploading" of one's mind into solid state devices. How do we jump from PC's that crash 2 times a day and Medicine that can't even whip the common cold, to solid state-mind and immortality, all in less than 40 years? I love Dr. K's optimism, and I hope all his dreams come true, but, its a bit odd to see science fiction masquerading as impending reality.

I do think there may be some kind of singularity approaching...but I doubt it has anything to do with human technology. Human conciousness and understanding, maybe.

Even so calculating and logical a sage as Stanley Kubrick, in his seminal 2001: A Space Odyssey, voted for divine intervention as cause of next major punctuation in human evolution -- Bowman rendezvous with monolith (god) near Jupiter, gets shot through star-gate-corridor (mind of god), witnesses his own death in a french-chateau/cave (symbolic repetition of apes in cave at beginning of the movie), and then returns to earth as embryonic star child...

Besides, do you really want to live inside a computer? or on a planet where humans live forever. The former sounds sterile beyond imagination, and the later sounds like a prescription for mass extinction and global war on a scale hertofore unimaginable.

My advice for those wanting eternal life: study up on the buddhist notions of karma, reincartation, and rebirth. More earthlings than not take these notions seriously, and, in their subtlety, they beat the pants of comic-book judeo-christian one-life-heaven-hell constructs.

Posted by: stephen bove | Mar 2, 2005 12:50:35 AM

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