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March 24, 2005

Shark Steam Bottle — Chemical-free cleaning


21st-century technology takes us back to the steam era with this stylish appliance, just washed up on the shores of the U.S. after becoming a fixture in European cleaning circles.

You fill the bottle with water, plug in the 14-foot-long cord, and voila — superheated steam in 30 seconds, which you dispense with a squeeze of the trigger just like the Fantastik of old.

Steam-clean everything: countertops, floors, tiles, windows, even your car's hubcaps.

Doubles as a garment cleaner.

Might be nice to toss in your luggage when you travel, to avoid the old "steam your clothes near the shower" routine to get out the wrinkles and all.

Since the bottle's technology uses no pressure, you can refill and use it almost instantly.

Comes with a whole host of accessories: you get the steam bottle, a filling flask, an angle adaptor/concentrator, three nylon scrub brushes, and a squeegee.

$49.99 here.

Of interest to me is that Target has just added true 1-Click ordering, just like Amazon's always had and claimed as its exclusive feature.

I wonder if Target made a deal with Amazon to use their technology or just decided the heck with it and implemented it, regardless of what Jeff Bezos and his "cease-and-desist" lawyers might do.

I haven't read a word about this new Target website feature or any such deal, that's for sure.

Perhaps if I'd open a newspaper every now and then I'd be more in touch with what's going on in the world.

Ya think?

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