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March 24, 2005

Singapore ranked #1 in the world in information technology


The World Economic Forum's annual ranking of the world's nations in terms of their ability to compete in information technology has just come out: the new ranking establishes Singapore as the world leader, displacing the U.S. from the top spot for the first time since the rankings began in 2001.

Here're the top 20:

1. Singapore

2. Iceland

3. Finland

4. Denmark

5. U.S.

6. Sweden

7. Hong Kong

8. Japan

9. Switzerland

10. Canada

11. Australia

12. U.K.

13. Norway

14. Germany

15. Taiwan

16. Netherlands

17. Luxembourg

18. Israel

19. Austria

20. France

The full list can be found here, along with previous years' reports and links to media coverage of the newest report.

My thoughts?

The disconnect between size, natural resources, and quality of life is now complete.

Singapore, Iceland, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Luxembourg, and Israel have no natural resources to speak of, yet they comprise 40% of the list above.

These tiny nations also boast some of the very longest life spans and highest standards of living in the world.

Can there be any doubt anymore that the future lies in bits rather than atoms?

Not in this man's mind.

What's left of it, anyway.

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