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March 17, 2005

Tea Forte Silken Tea Infuser


Zen in a teacup.

Individual nylon tea infusers from Tea Forte are designed to sit prettily in your teacup, retaining their pyramidal shape and "provide the world's finest method to brew a cup of tea."

"The open weave of the fabric allows the water to flow freely around the tea, allowing the tea leaves to unfurl and the flavors to mingle in the large open form of the infuser."

"It's like brewing a pot of tea in your cup!"

The upward-lifted leaf and cotton stem create a handle to remove the infuser when it's steeped long enough.

"Quite possibly the finest, most elegant cup of tea of all time."

You'll hear no dissent from this boy.

Their teas are all natural, whole leaf varieties.

They fill their individually hand-crafted infusers at "tea gardens in Asia," then seal them for freshness.

I'll have a cuppa, if you don't mind.

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