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March 18, 2005

'The End of the Internet': Eye Wide Shut


Pages that state they're "The End of the Internet" are a dime a googol, so why should this one rate a spot on bookofjoe?

Simple: under their boiler-plate image (above), in tiny letters, it says,

    Note: image best viewed with eyes closed.

Well, that's enough for this man.

In my opinion, most things would benefit from such a perspective.

Including this blog.

So, all together now - like in that live Neil Young song where he's performing as a thunderstorm's about to break out, and he says to the crowd, maybe we can stop this rain if we all yell out, "No rain, no rain, no rain" - close your eyes.


Don't you feel better?

I know I do.

(Arlo Guthrie, please call your office: bookofjoe's ripping you off yet again)

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Where's my pixie dust?

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