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March 18, 2005

Zinio — Digital Magazines


Read your favorite magazines on your PC or Mac.

Available in the same format as the paper version, but also:

• Instantly accessible as soon as they're published

• Downloadable, so you can save them and read them at your convenience or leisure — even offline

• Keyword searchable

• Paperless archives

• Easily shared — instantly send a free copy to a friend

More titles added every day.

Could this be the new new thing?

Perhaps — once they improve the quality of print on computer screens.

[via whereisben.com]

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Computer Graphics World recently moved to the Zinio format, which is why I immediately had my subscription changed back to the paper version. You see they used to provide the magazine in PDF format. A nice fairly open standard that required no additional software on my computer. (Macintoshes ship with a PDF viewer already built in) Unfortunately, once CGW switched to this all new format (which doesn't appear to offer anything over the existing PDF format) I could no longer freely read their magazine on my work machine. We're not allowed to install third party software.

A real shame. I used to like having my entire library available and searchable whenever I wanted. Ah well, at least the paper versions can be read anywhere with or without power. I suppose I was spending to much time in front of the computer anyway. Hrmmm... does that make me a luddite?

Posted by: daniel | Mar 20, 2005 12:36:06 AM

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