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April 17, 2005



This great website had its origin back in 2001 after Marco 't Hart's mother asked him one day, after he returned from one of his frequent trips to Turkey to visit his then–girlfriend, "What do you eat on the plane?"

On his next trip he took a picture of his airplane meal.

A couple of weeks later, bored at work (unlike you right now — ha!), he found about 20 other online pictures of airplane meals and started to build a website.

In March of 2002 he expanded the original posting and asked for submissions and he was flying.

As of last Monday, April 11, the site had 11,560 photos of airline meals from 444 carriers.

More than 2.68 million visitors have browsed the pictures and meal reviews.

There's a Forum chat room where Marco opines along with a cast of other regulars; an airport lounge review; crew meal photos; an extensive gallery of menu photos; and a "Meal of the Week" contest whose submitter gets their photo posted on the site's home page for seven days.

At the top of this post is the current Meal of the Week: the picture was taken by Arne Scheehl aboard China Airlines last November 24 in Economy Class.

Jennifer Conlin wrote about her addiction to AirlineMeals.net in a story appearing in today's New York Times Travel section.

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R. Crumb Look–Alike Contest


Last Thursday night at a sold-out appearance at the New York Public Library the unique cartoonist (below)


joined art critic Robert Hughes on stage.

The occasion was the publication of Crumb's memoir, "The R. Crumb Handbook" (below), this month.


The reclusive Crumb, who lives in southern France, generally turns down opportunities others would give their eye teeth for — consider that he refused to design an album cover for the Rolling Stones, saying he hated the band, and that "Saturday Night Live" has repeatedly asked him, without success, to host the show — has been venturing out a bit more in recent years as a result of the urging of his wife, cartoonist Aline Kominsky-Crumb .

He now has a website, www.crumbproducts.com, where fans can buy, among other things, a Mr. Natural table lamp for $825.

To promote his new book its publisher, MQ Publications of London, is conducting an R. Crumb look-alike contest in the United States.


The winner gets a "date" with Ms. Kominsky-Crumb (above).

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World's most expensive rims — $250,000 a set


Pictured above, they're hand-made by Lexani.

The wheels are designed to fit the Rolls-Royce Phantom (sticker price $332,750 — but they'll negotiate).

Lexani sells to customers such as the rapper Rakim and Portland Trail Blazers forward Darius Miles.

At first the company considered using diamonds to completely bejewel the wheels, but calculated that such a design choice would push the retail price above $2 million — a bit steep even for its moneyed customers.

So Lexani did what so many do who can't afford the real thing: they opted for cubic zirconia.

Each of the five spokes in each wheel is adorned by a jeweler with 21 princess-cut zirconia stones.

Each stone is screwed into place from the back of the wheel; as the nut is tightened, tiny ring mounts clasp the stones.


So far only one (undisclosed) customer has purchased a set.

Brendan I. Koerner wrote about the bespoke rims in today's New York Times.

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A most useful resource for those who use or have ever had dreams (or nightmares, as the case may very well be) about broadband internet.

I knew I'd like the site's way of dealing with the subject when on the home page I was created by recent reviews grouped under three headings: "Smooth ride," "Mixed," and "Unhappy campers."

Though I didn't see my provider — Adelphia High-Speed-Internet — listed under "Unhappy campers" for today or yesterday on the front page, I'm sure last week's troubles, when Adelphia was out one day for nearly 24 hours and then, three days later, 16 hours, will at least rate a mention.

Someday it will all be better what with the Stratellite™ (below)


going up and all.

Real soon now, maybe.

But in the meantime I think I'll keep my back-up dial-up just for the heck of it.

Now that so many thousands of people are depending on me to deliver the goods on schedule daily I can hardly do otherwise.

Every time I read that in Japan everyone has high-speed internet that's 15-20 times faster than ours and pays about $22 a month for it, I sigh.

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Purse Cell Phone Holder


For the girl who's always on the go, what could be more useful?

Here's the understatement of the decade: "It's easier to find your cell phone in your purse or tote when it's strapped in."


No more dumping your bag upside down to get at your phone before it goes over to voice mail.

"Wrap it around the bag strap, then snap one of two ways — in back for easy access or in front to hold it more securely when you're on the go."

Which is always.

In seven colors/patterns (below).


Also comes in a red heart-shaped version with a pink strap (second picture).

Where was that one on St. Valentine's Day, is what I want to know.

Both styles are $12.50 here.

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What a great site.

"For travellers who are REALLY on a budget and looking for a way to skim a few bucks off their travel expenses, why not consider sleeping in an airport?"

3,023 listings and growing daily.

"Many airports are actually than local lodging. And to top it off — IT'S FREE!"

Make sure to check out their Best and Worst List.

The world's best airport for sleeping: Singapore's Changi Airport.

When the website's creator, Donna McSherry, contacted Singaporean airport officials to inform them of their award, the normally gracious group said, "No comment."

Sore winners, what?

The world's worst airport for sleeping? A tie.

One of the awardees was Port Moresby Airport in Papua, New Guinea, where one of the website's contributors witnessed seven people being killed in a gang shoot-out.

Jeez, that seems even more dangerous than Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport.

The other loser: "The entire country of India. Unacceptable seating, foul odors, filth, fleas, safety, and general hassles have resulted in India's 8-year reign as "Worst Airport."


I can say that I passed through New Delhi Airport once upon a time and it was truly a nightmare: terrible seating, noisy, hot, and millions of birds flying through the airport nonstop. I am not joking. Bird poop everywhere. Wear a hat.

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World's Safest Bagel Slicer


"When you put the bagel in the slot it protects your hand from the knife."


$6.99 here.

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Got Titanium?


Titaniumart.com does.

Everything titanium.

Let's see: I have a titanium knife, fork and spoon and a titanium Spork.

Full disclosure: I have ordered a SnowPeak titanium double-walled 20 oz. cup (below)


for morning coffee preparation.

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