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April 17, 2005



A most useful resource for those who use or have ever had dreams (or nightmares, as the case may very well be) about broadband internet.

I knew I'd like the site's way of dealing with the subject when on the home page I was created by recent reviews grouped under three headings: "Smooth ride," "Mixed," and "Unhappy campers."

Though I didn't see my provider — Adelphia High-Speed-Internet — listed under "Unhappy campers" for today or yesterday on the front page, I'm sure last week's troubles, when Adelphia was out one day for nearly 24 hours and then, three days later, 16 hours, will at least rate a mention.

Someday it will all be better what with the Stratellite™ (below)


going up and all.

Real soon now, maybe.

But in the meantime I think I'll keep my back-up dial-up just for the heck of it.

Now that so many thousands of people are depending on me to deliver the goods on schedule daily I can hardly do otherwise.

Every time I read that in Japan everyone has high-speed internet that's 15-20 times faster than ours and pays about $22 a month for it, I sigh.

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