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April 10, 2005

Video Tombstone: Dead Can't Dance — But They Can Talk


Robert Barrows has a patent pending for a weatherproofed, hollowed-out headstone that will house a microchip memory system and flat-screen TV.

People will be able to film "talking tombstone" messages before they die, sharing highlights of their lives or whatever else they choose.


"I envision being able to walk through a cemetary using a remote control, clicking on graves and hearing what the people buried there have to say," said Barrows in Jeffrey Zaslow's Wall Street Journal story that appeared this past Thursday, April 7.

Talk about night of the living dead.


I like this idea very, very much.

If a person doesn't make a tape in advance — and doesn't insist on "no video tombstone!" in her will — production will be left up to loved ones.


Barrows estimates his "Video-Enhanced Grave Markers" will cost around $4,000 above and beyond the price of an unenhanced marker.

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enhanced video tombstones? it's the future in progress get used to it. you'll be hearing far more than you know on this topic in the not to distant future.

cherishing and holding on to fond memories of departed loved ones by any means necessary can not be such a bad thing.

ta ta and toodles to you.


Posted by: darrell a. willis | Apr 2, 2006 12:37:40 PM

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