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April 12, 2005

Furnature — Organic Furniture


This Massachusetts company makes upholstered furniture and bedding free of common fabric and agricultural chemicals, from formaldehyde to chemical fire retardants.

All the stuffing, upholstery fibers and wood in the furniture are certified to be chemical-free.

But purity doesn't come cheap, in furniture or in life.

Some of the company's "organic couches" sell for nearly $4,000.

A hand-made organic hemp couch from another organic furniture maker, Bean Products, runs $5,200.

That's a lot of granola.

So far organic furniture sales are just a fraction of the $12 billion organic industry.

The future looks very bright: sales of organic mattresses and pillows, which topped $1 million last year, are expected to increase nearly 15% annually during the next five years, estimates the Organic Trade Association.

Why is organic so hot?

Chuck Blumenthal, founder of Bean Products,


told USA Today's Bruce Horovitz, in a story that appeared last Thursday, "We're living in chemical soup. People do not want toxic stuff in their lives."

That gives me an idea: maybe I should create a link on bookofjoe that would take you to my organic blog, certified chemical-free.

Think I could charge a premium like Furnature and Bean Products?

[via Bruce Horovitz and USA Today]

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