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April 11, 2005

How To Increase Your Tips


Many bookofjoe readers, from Phuket to Philadelphia, depend on tips for the bulk of their income.

Waitresses, waiters, hostesses, hosts, coat check girls and others too numerous to mention rely on what people decide to give them as a gratuity.

What if I told you that simply by reading this post you could increase your income by 20% or more?

Would you pay me what you think I'm worth?

That's what I was afraid of.

But no matter — nothing deters me.

William Michael Lynn (below),


a former bartender, busboy and waiter, is now an associate professor of consumer behavior and marketing at Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

He is considered by most authorities to be the world's leading authority on the psychology of tipping.

Oh, I see how it is: now you're all of a sudden interested.


His website is a mother lode of information about things tipping-related.

If you scroll down about half-way, you'll come to a link to his free 33-page booklet, "Mega Tips: Scientifically Tested Techniques to Increase Your Tips."


Oh, I see how it is: you're too busy to bother downloading the booklet; you want me to tell you what to do.

Well, why the heck not?

After all, you get started in the morning listening to your Rice Krispies: there's not a whole of difference between that and listening to me.

OK, then, here's what you do:

• Wear a flower in your hair. One study showed a 17% increase in waitresses' tips with that one simple trick (this probably won't do a whole lot for your tips if you're a male)

• Tell your customers your name

• Squat or kneel down next to your patrons' tables

• Touch your customers (be judicious here)

• Give after-dinner mints to diners. If your restaurant doesn't have them available, consider investing a few dollars for your own stash

• If you're female, draw a happy face on the bill. Waitresses' tips increased by 18% after doing this. However, waiters who tried it found their tips decreased by 9%.

[via Raj Persaud and The Financial Times]

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