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April 4, 2005

World's weirdest hands-free cellphone accessory


If you liked Saturday's Solar Safari Hat and yesterday's Visor Sunglasses, then you'll love this tricked-out hands-free auto headrest speaker-microphone system.

For $39.98 you get:

• 10.5"-wide speaker unit powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)

• 15" boom microphone with windscreen

• 6' audio cable

• 10' power cable

• cell phone holder for dash or vent mounting

• earphone with 4' cord for private conversations

But why anyone who'd buy this would want to hold a private conversation is beyond me.

Isn't the whole point to cruise down Sunset Boulevard in your Aston Martin convertible while you argue about points with Harvey Weinstein, the whole world listening to his invective and profanity spewing forth from your 10.5" speaker unit?

I don't know about this thing, to tell you the truth: seems to me there are an awful lot of parts and pieces to connect.

I have enough trouble carrying on a cellphone conversation with no attachments.


But I must say, driving around while talking into that microphone like a tank commander might be cool.

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