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April 10, 2005

Milk Chocolate–Covered Oreos


Can something perfect become more perfect?

Or is that an oxymoron?

Nabisco's going to find out with the latest in a seemingly endless series of variations on their classic Oreo theme.

The Nestlé milk chocolate-covered version has just been introduced into the U.S. via a multi-million dollar ad campaign that began with full-page color ads in today's papers.

Interestingly, the company first tried out this product in South Africa, introducing it there in mid-February of this year.

When it hit big in New Haven, as it were, well, it was on the "The Show."

To stimulate demand Nabisco's ad copy says at the bottom — but not in tiny letters — "Available for a limited time only."

At least they didn't say "One package to a customer."

Don't feel like making a trip just to find your local grocery either has never heard of these cookies or already has sold out its allotment?

Me neither.

That's why you come here.

Because I send you to this website where you can buy four pounds of these new delectables for $23.72.

Ain't it sweet?

I must say that this chocolate-covered version will require a patient rethinking and undoubtedly many pleasant hours of experimentation to determine precisely the best way to eat them.

As it is now, my default Oreo strategy is — and has been, for many years — to first carefully separate the halves (not as easily done without cracking one of them as it might seem), then eat the bare half (the filling usually adheres completely to one or the other cookie half if the separation is performed with the same care a neurosurgeon might use in disconnecting the contiguous cavernous sinuses of conjoined twins), followed by a scraping off of the filling with teeth and tongue, concluding with the creme-free second half.

So, to come back to the question that opened this post, can something perfect become more perfect or not?

Perhaps it's best to avoid the question.

Maybe we should simply regard the original Oreo as great.

That way, if we find the chocolate-covered version better, we can say, correctly, that it's "greater."

Or "greatest."

But then what happens when they add a layer of strawberry filling atop the vanilla creme?

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