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April 2, 2005

Nike Pazuru Women's Thong


At $25 a pair these will sell out so fast your head will spin.


And once Nike sells out of a style they rarely go back for a second printing.


Which means don't spend the next month wondering if these are what you want to wear to the shore this summer.

Nike has solved the seemingly intractable, unresolvable problem of the lost thong.


The solution?

So simple and elegant: make the soles positive and negative impressions of each other so they snap together (top).


A bookofjoe Design Award to the ingenious, anonymous inventor at Nike who thought of this clever, innovative puzzle-like design.


Available here in whole sizes 5-12 in your choice of the following six base + strap color combinations:

• Shy Pink + Clearwater/Maize

• Sport Red + White/Shy Pink

• Firefly + Bright Cerise/Medium Yellow

• Clearwater + Lake Blue/Lymon

• Lake Blue + Lime Ice/Ice Blue

• Black + White

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