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April 11, 2005

Official bookofjoe rocking chair


Pictured above, it arrived this morning from San Rafael, California and I'm sitting on it as I type these words.

I've been looking for a simple rocking chair for my computer activities — 99+% of which involve the care and feeding of the monster-on-a-screen called bookofjoe — for some time now.

I tried a couple I have around my house but they had one insurmountable problem: they have arms.

Can't type in a rocking chair with arms.

So last week when I came upon this simple Shaker–type chair, I stopped and read what the website had to say.

"This sewing (i.e. armless) rocker is especially popular among guitarists. It has steam-bent back posts and slats and a scoop seat for comfort. It is made of oak and hickory. These chairs are made using Shaker joinery techniques — dried interlocking components swell to make and exceptionally strong joint without glue."

When I saw it cost only $99, I was dumbfounded.

How could anything that sounded so good be that cheap?

Well, I still don't understand it but I'm here to tell you that it is good and a steal at $99.

Fedex cost an additional $35, bringing my total for the chair and transcontinental shipping to $134.

When I called to order I told the fellow at the company that I planned to use it at my computer.

He said he hadn't heard of that particular use for his chair.

I told him if I liked it I'd write it up in bookofjoe.

He asked, "what's that?"

I said you'll find out if I write it up.

I'm gonna give him a call (800-4-ROCKER = 800-476-2537) just so he knows to expect to be hearing from the world-wide community of joeheads.

I've always liked rocking chairs.

From the time I was a little boy, say age 5 and up, I sat in this big green vinyl rocker at home every waking moment, reading.

So I guess it's a nice, familiar feeling.

A few points re: this Shaker–style rocking chair:

• It arrives in a big box, with the curved runners packed separately from the rest of the (assembled) chair. You have to pound the runners onto the four pegs at the chair's base. Make sure to protect the seat if you rest it upside down on something when you do your hammering.

Also, don't hammer directly on the runners: put a piece of wood between your hammer and the chair.

• The Fedex shipping used by the maker requires a signature in person — you can't leave a signed slip in your absence.

• The chair looks much nicer in real life than in the picture on the website. I guess that's where furniture and people part company, eh?

• The rocker — before you add the runners — sort of resembles Van Gogh's chair (below)


as depicted in his iconic painting.

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