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April 17, 2005

R. Crumb Look–Alike Contest


Last Thursday night at a sold-out appearance at the New York Public Library the unique cartoonist (below)


joined art critic Robert Hughes on stage.

The occasion was the publication of Crumb's memoir, "The R. Crumb Handbook" (below), this month.


The reclusive Crumb, who lives in southern France, generally turns down opportunities others would give their eye teeth for — consider that he refused to design an album cover for the Rolling Stones, saying he hated the band, and that "Saturday Night Live" has repeatedly asked him, without success, to host the show — has been venturing out a bit more in recent years as a result of the urging of his wife, cartoonist Aline Kominsky-Crumb .

He now has a website, www.crumbproducts.com, where fans can buy, among other things, a Mr. Natural table lamp for $825.

To promote his new book its publisher, MQ Publications of London, is conducting an R. Crumb look-alike contest in the United States.


The winner gets a "date" with Ms. Kominsky-Crumb (above).

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