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April 11, 2005

Wasabi Oil


From Tokyo Kaneku, a Japanese company that has grown and processed wasabi for 100 years, comes Spanish extra virgin olive oil with wasabi leaves added to give it a kick.

Florence Fabricant of the New York Times recommends spooning the herb-flecked drops on grilled fish or dressing a seafood salad or seafood risotto with it.

10 oz. for $15, 3 oz. for $10.

No online ordering, though: you call 908-351-1433.

From Boyajian comes a more intense wasabi-flavored oil, combining wasabi with a base of neutral canola oil.

Better used as a cooking ingredient โ€” to season a sauce, marinade or stir-fry โ€” than as a finishing oil.

At Whole Foods, Citarella, Agata & Valentina and Gourmet Garage.

Or you can have it delivered right to your door: order it online from Boyajian, the manufacturer.

$4.85 for 8 oz. here.

[via Florence Fabricant and the New York Times]

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