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May 21, 2005

A website William Gibson would like


Can there be any higher praise?

Not to my way of thinking.

Last evening I was sitting here doing something close to nothing but different from the day before when I happened to take a virtual amble through my statistics site.

It's got all kinds of stuff to amuse and delight if you're looking for something to waste time at other than the usual suspects.

Anyway, I happened to upon some website called in-revolt.blogspot.com that had sent 1 person to bookofjoe over the past day.

Whenever I see a website that's referred someone here and I don't recognize it, I have a look: you'd be amazed at all the cool people/websites I've come across this way.

So I went and had a look and was astounded at what I found when I clicked on the site's links page.

Thousands of links, all neatly alphabetized and categorized.

You could spend a long time here.

Very, very cool.

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