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May 1, 2005

Bacon Band-Aid


Well, what if you happen to cut yourself while you're out and about and sporting your terrific Bacon Bracelet?

You don't want to slap on some generic flesh–colored band-aid, no ma'am.

You'd much rather extract from the excesses — oops, I meant recesses — of your Birkin bag a Bacon Band–Aid (above).

You get 15 for $4.95 here.

Hey, if a raw steak was good enough for a black eye in the old days there's no reason slapping a piece of pork over your laceration shouldn't be almost as good as mommy's "kissing it better" was back when you were young and innocent.

Now that you're older and innocent.

Hard to resist that "Free Toy Inside!," isn't it?

Told you you were still innocent.

[via Stephane and core77]

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