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May 16, 2005

Bed Time Reading Light — Is this 'the one?'


Long–time readers (I just realized that I'm now in month 8 of Version 2.0 — seems like just yesterday I pulled the plug on 1.0... but I digress) will recall occasional posts about my ongoing, decades–long search for a decent portable reading light.

Now comes the latest contender (above), billed as an "LED BBQ Light" (below).


The website says, "Now you can barbeque the night away."

Not moi — I'm in bed reading (below).


And maybe with this quite interesting appliance.

10 LEDs (below) "last a lifetime (100,000 hours)."


I've previously noted at least 4 are required for decent book illumination, a failing of so many devices with only 1, 2 or 3 LEDs.

Flexible, extendable, fully–articulating arm (below)


and head (below)


reaches out up to 19".

Folds up nicely for travel (below).


Requires 4 D batteries (not included) which provide over 25 continuous hours of ultra–bright light.

That retractable hook (below)


looks like it could be very handy.

Pricey at $40 but if it does what I want it to, it's priceless.

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