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May 26, 2005

Do David Hanson's Robots Dream of Philip K. Dick?


They might be Philip K. Dick before too long.

Recall the famous test of Alan Turing: if you can't tell if the source of an answer is human or not, then the source is intelligent.

David Hanson is one of the world's greatest robot builders, specializing in heads.

If you have any doubt as to his bona fides you won't after watching the videos on this website.

Hanson (above, with one of his heads) has created his most sophisticated head yet for the upcoming Wired magazine NextFest 2005.

The new head looks exactly like Philip K. Dick.

It relies on 36 tiny servomotors to mimic Dick's facial expressions and features a polymer called Frubber that looks and moves like human skin.

The headbot uses motion–tracking machine vision to make eye contact with passersby and artificial intelligence and speech software enable it to carry on complex conversations.

Said Hanson in the latest (June) Wired magazine, "It invents new ideas using a mathematical model of Philip K. Dick's mind extracted from his vast body of writing."


Philip K. Dick himself would be enchanted.

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what kind of a question is this... do the robots dream of dick? This is an outrage.

Posted by: smokinjoey69 | Apr 30, 2008 10:50:55 AM

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