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May 30, 2005

Obsessive–Compulsive Battery Management Tool


It's here.

No more looking around for your batteries.

Put this puppy up against the wall and rejoice in your having covered all the bases.

Holds AAA, AA, C, D and 9–volt batteries neatly and ready for use.

Built–in LED battery tester lets you double–check those expiration dates.

I mean, come on now, who really believes that "March 2012" stuff you see on the sides of batteries?

I mean, it could actually be February 2012 when the thing goes dead.

So don't toy with us.

Made of polystyrene.

"Fits in drawers, shelves or mounts on the wall."

7.1"W x 12"H x 2"D.

$15.99 here (batteries not included).

Come on — you didn't think I'd let one slip by, did you?

You dog — you know me too well for my — and your — own good.

I'll bet you could make some very interesting wall art with this thing using different brands of batteries.

Who knows?

If somebody actually buys one of these and then takes a picture of their installation I just might feature it.

I've done worse.

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We installed one on the cabinet door under the sink. Not a good spot - the batteries fly out sometimes if you open the door too fast. ADVICE: A wall is probably better than a cabinet door. It doesn't handle motion well.

Posted by: Shawn Lea | May 30, 2005 9:55:08 PM

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