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May 25, 2005

One–Time Use Camcorder — For Under $30


What's he been smoking?

Hey, I just bring you the news.

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal Walter Mossberg wrote the following (no picture, alas) about a product said to be coming this summer:

    One-Time Camcorder

    If you don't want to shell out big bucks for a camcorder and all the paraphernalia associated with it, Pure Digital Technologies soon will have a product for you: a one-time-use camcorder that can shoot 20 minutes of video for less than $30.

    You buy this small device, shoot your video and return it to the store.

    You then pay an added fee for processing, and you get back a DVD with your video on it, as well as software that lets you view it, copy it to a personal computer or email it to friends.

    The camera has a view screen and simple controls.

    You can break the 20 minutes of video up into as many segments as you like, or shoot 20 minutes of continuous footage.

    After you get your DVD, the camera itself is wiped, cleaned up and rented to the next customer.

    This new camcorder will be available this summer.


We'll see it when we believe it.

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