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May 1, 2005

Ring Thing


It's a stainless steel ring that also works beautifully as a bottle opener.

No one will know you're carrying.

No more looking for that darn church key.

Engraveable for the one you like.

"Wear it on your social finger" says the website, but I'm not going near that.


Elsewhere it says to wear it on your middle finger.

Designed by engineers Georg von Koenemann and Alfred Grund, it took Germany by storm and arrived in the U.S. last year.

bookofjoe being so far behind it's ahead, I'm just getting to it today.

Hey, my future's so bright, it's past.

So what — cut me some slack for a change.


Where was I?

Oh yeah — the Ring Thing.

$9.99 here.

Comes in whole sizes 9 through 14.

Oh, so now you're giving me this stuff about not knowing your ring size.


All right, go here and find out.

Anything else?

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